About Us

engaging music events

‘Live in the Glen’ hosts shows of all different genres; attracting and entertaining a diverse community of people both from within, and from outside, our town.

The Glengarry community are proud and excited to share with you their heritage listed hall which has stood proudly in town for over 130 years.

The Glengarry Hall has recently undergone a major refurbishment; maintaining its beautiful, country charm and turning it into an acoustic haven for those with a love for high quality acoustics and music. The hall, home of the Glengarry Mechanics Institute*, is located 10 minutes north of Traralgon in the Latrobe Shire and in the larger region of Gippsland, Victoria.

Building Memories

Entertaining locals and visitors alike by hosting shows from the best musicians around!
This project has been inspired by the wonderful success story seen at the Bundalaguah Hall in the Wellington Shire. It is here ‘Live at the Bundy’ have provided a non-commercial, not for profit, intimate live music and arts venue hosting high quality local, interstate and international artists.

To ensure ‘Live in the Glen’ achieves similar success we have engaged with Paul Versteden, one of the passionate and resourceful founders of ‘Live at the Bundy’. Paul is optimistic that comparable successes are achievable if we build on the foundation of having the best sound quality available. To achieve exceptional acoustics in the hall we have engaged one of the most experienced electroacoustic engineers in Australia, John Burnett from LENARD audio.

With John and Paul’s help we have developed a system of acoustic treatment for the Glengarry Hall that is both economically-considerate and enormously effective along with building a 4-way active sound system that is capable of replicating the energy of a full symphony orchestra!

‘Live in the Glen’ and the Glengarry Hall are very much excited to be a part of the long-term dream to one day have a series of great sounding country community halls around Gippsland; entertaining locals and visitors alike by hosting shows by the best musicians around!
‘Live in the Glen’ will offer advantages beyond the high quality and engaging music events.

Most importantly, the improvements made to the hall through profits from this project will benefit the whole community. The Glengarry Hall will become a comfortable meeting place, and functional space, for a range of events. The opportunities from this initiative, and for the hall itself, are sure to be endless and evolving as we continue to grow and evolve as a community. Please reach out to the ‘Live in the Glen’ team with any ideas, inspiration, expertise or opportunities you may have!

*‘Live in the Glen Inc’ is a separate entity to the Glengarry Mechanics Hall. It is a not-for-profit
organisation. Any profits made at events are directed to the continued restoration of the Glengarry Hall for community use, or to fund ongoing events within the community. ‘Live in the Glen’ is run by a small but passionate group of local community members who are looking forward to sharing the joy music brings to peoples’ lives.

Mission statement

Live in the Glen Inc aims to bring the community together through social, high quality, live music events at the historic hall, for the whole family to enjoy. Live in the Glen will strengthen the community and provide opportunities for enhanced participation in public life.

Live in the Glen will also contribute to ensuring the Glengarry Mechanics Hall remains a viable community asset, both now and into the future. As a not-for-profit organisation, any profits made at events are directed to the continued restoration of the Glengarry Hall for community use, or to fund ongoing events within the community.